Discipleship Resources

Discipleship Pathway
Discipleship Pathway

Your discipleship to Jesus is your primary concern. Let us help you. We’ve gathered a few discipleship resources for you. These resources will give you added tools beyond taking our other Next Steps opportunities and will help you lead yourself into following Jesus.

Lead Yourself

Simple Steps to Take Responsibility for Your Own Discipleship

Bible Project Classes are excellent courses designed to help you understand scripture better. We recommend beggining with the “how to read the bible” module.

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Reading the Bible regularly will dramatically improve your life. Statistics show that when you read your bible four or more days a week, some really beautiful things happen*:

  • Feeling lonely drops 30%
  • Anger issues drop 32%
  • Bitterness in relationships drops 40%
  • Alcoholism drops 57%
  • Sex outside of marriage drops 68%
  • Feeling spiritually stagnant drops 60%
  • Viewing pornography drops 61%
  • Sharing your faith jumps 200%
  • Discipling others jumps 230%
  • * taken from Lifeway research

We recommend following the Moravian Daily Text

You can also find great topical reading plans through the bible app.

We’ve compiled a list of books to help you, your family, or kids on your discipleship journey with Jesus. Check back as we update our linked list over time.

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Prayer appointments are opportunities for people to deal with past pain, hurtful memories, cycles of addiction, and spiritual strongholds.

We are absolutely thrilled that you’re here to embark on the Next Step in your relationship with Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been walking with Him for years or just recently found faith in Him, you’ve come to the perfect place. Get ready to take part in Next Steps, an exciting two-week course that will help you gain deeper insight into your walk with Jesus and chart your path forward. This course is held every quarter, so get ready to have an amazing experience!

During Next Steps, we will lead you through the following four steps:

Step One: Connect With Your Church

  • Understand salvation.
  • Understand who we are, what we believe, what we value, and how we are structured.

Step Two: Grow with God

  • Understand God’s desire for you to grow in discipleship throughout your life to bring the kingdom wherever you go.
  • Understand individual guiding growth principles.

Step Three: Discover Your Place

  • Understand God’s call for you to lead others and to be disciple-makers in the context of where you live, work, and play.
  • Understand that you have a place as a partner to serve others and share the gospel.

Step Four: Develop Your Plan

  • Identify current barriers to personal growth
  • Create four goals based on loving God, growing in faith, serving others, and sharing Jesus

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Join A Huddle

Huddle is also the primary space we learn to answer two questions, “What is God saying to you?” and “What will you do about it?” That’s what discipleship boils down to: learning to hear and obey Jesus. Let us know you’re interested in a group discipleship experience and we’ll connect you with a leader.