In Communities, we are Spiritually formed, find authentic relationships, and live on mission (Up, IN, and OUT relationships).


Spiritually formed people practice things that shape their relationship with Jesus. They develop a character like Jesus and become known by him as they know him. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, a Community will help form you spiritually.


You were created to be who you are. Communities spend time sharing life, praying for one another, and meeting one another’s needs. You can be known, cared for, and loved in Community.


Everyone has a call on their lives. You were placed where you are for a reason. The Lord goes before you and prepares hearts and opportunities for you to partner with him to bless and love. In communities, we encourage one another and pray for people in our lives who are far from God. We also find ways to bless people around us and we engage and support international workers around the world!

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